Promotional email campaigns designed and developed for ADT Security Services, featuring responsive layouts, kinetic (interactive) email functionality, and the thoughtful use of real-time contextual content delivered via Movable Ink.

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As a Senior Interactive Designer at Experian Marketing Services, I designed and coded over fifty email campaigns for ADT; the selection below represent a cross-section of campaigns recognized by the client as visually effective and technically innovative.

My primary tools were Adobe Photoshop for design, Dreamweaver for development, and each campaign was tested using Litmus, Email on Acid, and internal tools. Movable Ink was used to display real-time content.


This responsive campaign leveraged Movable Ink to display contextual content depending on the time of day the email is opened.
Additionally, it includes kinetic rollover functionality that works in both desktop and mobile clients.

 Check out the code for responsive design and interactive features >


(From left to right, top to bottom)

ADT Pulse Security Horoscopes.
These two layouts demonstrate the use of innovative 2-in-1 responsive coding, where desktop and mobile content can be designed completely independently; in this case, the mobile version features interactive expandable blocks that are supported by desktop clients.

ADT Pulse Features Recap (Animated). One of several variations of this campaign, for which I rendered an animated GIF to seamlessly slide between the key features of ADT Pulse. Though well-received, this layout was ultimately not used due to the limitations of GIF rendering in Outlook 2007+.

ADT Home Health March 2015 Newsletter. For this monthly newsletter for ADT's Home Health customers, I used design elements optimized for the audience of senior citizens, such as high-contrast typography and larger than usual text-size.

ADT Pulse Features Infographic. This infographic project went through over 10 rounds of revision before arriving upon a design that satisfied all the vested business units.

Project Outcome

The email campaigns I designed for ADT were well-received by the client and contributed to the ongoing successful relationship between ADT and Experian Marketing Services. Additionally, my designs helped to influence the direction of the email program overall toward more streamlined modular layouts that draws visual cues from the recently redesigned website.

About ADT Security Services

From Wikipedia: ADT is the largest security company in the United States and Canada, serving over 6.5 million customers. As of 2013 ADT holds 25% market share of the residential market and 13% of the small business market in the US. ADT maintains four monitoring stations in the United States and two in Canada.