PHOTO ALBUM / 家庭相冊 is a searchable database of 1164 film photographs spanning half a century and three generations of my family. The goal of the project is to make these images accessible to family members on either side of the Pacific Ocean, and to digitally preserve them for posterity.

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The raw photos were scanned five at a time at 600 dpi on a Dell A920 scanner and then batch processed in Photoshop for slicing and basic color correction. The website is powered by a simple MySQL database that stores the tag information, and queried by PHP on the frontend.




Project Outcome

Every few months, a family member will tell me that they were browsing the site and found a photo that spoke to them. Sometimes it's a picture of them, but often it's a photo from my grandparents' generation showing our venerated elders as innocent children or bright-eyed young adults. I think it's wonderful that everyone in my extended family can share these memories no matter where they are in the world, and that they will be digitally preserved forever.