Founded in 2015 by my sister Jennifer, OpenBook Learning Center is a provider of in-home test prep. and ESL tutoring services to high school students in Palo Alto and surrounding communities. As the best (and only) designer in the family, Jennifer tapped me to design branding for the new business, as well as develop a local business optimized website.

Background Image

For the logo, I had creative freedom so I combined Herb Lubalin's two most influential typefaces – Lubalin Graph and Avant Garde – with a classic muted orange and teal color scheme. I created both square and rectangular variations of the logo, as well as a simpified version for one color applications. The color scheme and typographic styles were also implemented on the website and business card designs.


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Language Localization

In addition to the main version of the website in English, a second site was built with all of the content translated into Chinese, for the benefit of non-native English speakers and readers.

A plurality of OpenBook's clients are recent immigrants from China and Taiwan, or their children.

Business Card Front & Back
Project Outcome

Jennifer was very happy with the outcome of the branding exercise, as well as the website I developed and told me that many acquaintances have remarked positively about it. Most importantly, several customers have been driven to contact the business due to the easy-to-find information and legitimacy a well-designed website confers on a business.