But first, let me take a selfie.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of designing a couple of On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters for a wedding my friend was attending. Unlike Community Geofilters, which correspond to a generic geographic location such a city or National Park, On-Demand Geofilters correspond to an event taking place within a designated area. In order to activate an On-Demand Geofilter, the design must be approved by Snapchat (subject to their submission guidelines), and geographic area and time interval must be selected for where and when the filter will be active. Finally, the submitter must pay a fee to Snapchat which is calcaulated based on the size of the area being covered, multiplied by the duration.

Although only one filter was requested, I decided to make two with different aesthetics and tones to cover a broader range of emotions that people feel at a wedding. With the names and other details changed, the designs are below:

The first concept borrows the main elements from the event website (not designed by me) and is a little bit more formal/traditional, making it ideal for the ceremony or pre-ceremony potions of the wedding.

The second uses cartoon and sticker graphics to create a more fun and colorful vibe that would help set the mood for the reception and party.

If you would like to adapt these Geofilter designs to your own event, the PSD files can be downloaded here (formal concept) and here (kawaii concept).